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Application & Enrollment

There is also a local NC for the teacher training program (2-subject bachelor). If you want to study Chemistry, you must apply for the Educational Science program by July 15th. If you have an admission for the educational sciences, you can enroll for the subject chemistry and a second subject of your choice (exception: subjects with restricted admission).

Starting in winter semester 2018/19, it is no longer necessary to apply for the 1-subject Bachelor's program in Chemistry. You can enroll directly.

Information on application and enrollment can be found on the homepage of the TU Dortmund University in the portal "Prospective Students".

Prospective Students

You do not need to complete any internships before beginning your studies in the 1-subject Bachelor's programs in Chemistry and Chemical Biology. If you have decided to study for a teaching profession, you should complete the aptitude internship, which is required when beginning a teacher training program starting in the winter semester 2011/12, before you begin your studies. However, the internship is not a prerequisite for application or enrollment.