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March 2024 - Yannic defends his Bachelor thesis

Yannic Müller performed very successful research for his Bachelor thesis in our laboratory under guidance of David Ocklenburg and he presented his work end of March. We congratulate him on passing his Bachelor thesis and a succesful defense. We wish him all the very best for his further studies.

July 2023 - New research article published in Chem. Eur. J.

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Our latest study and Malavika's first paper as a first author "Chiroptical Recognition of Carboxylates with Charge-Neutral Double-Stranded Zinc(II) Helicates" was just published in Chemistry — A European Journal! We unraveled the stereodynamic behavior of charge-neutral helicates with an aryl-triazole-backbone which are capable of binding mono- and dicarboxylates. We exploited these properties for chiroptical recognition of chiral carboxylates and investigated the receptor in the context of chirality analysis.

June 2023 - Malavika wins a poster prize at the ISMSC

Malavika was awarded with a poster prize at the ISMSC 2023, the 17th International Symposium on Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry in Reykavík, which was presented by none other than Sir J. Fraser Stoddart. What an absolute honor! Huge congratulations for this outstanding achievement in such a competitive conference, Malavika! We are proud of you!

March 2023 - Nina and Alma joined the group

Nina Mihailov and Alma Marcén joined the group for the preparation of their master thesis. They are students from the University of Saragossa and participate in the Erasmus program to study abroad. Nina is working on a joint project with the group of Dr. Elisabeth Kreidt to develop new CPL active assemblies. Alma is investigating new ways to form charge-neutral helicates as anion receptors. We are happy to welcome them in our group and wish them all the best for their research.


September 2022 - First research paper published in JACS!!!

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The first research paper "A Charge-Neutral Self-Assembled L2Zn2 Helicate as Bench-Stable Receptor for Anion Recognition at Nanomolar Concentration" of the group is published in J. Am. Chem. Soc.! We are extremely thrilled about this achievement! More fascinating dicarboxylate recognition paper utilizing the fundamental principles described in this work are about to come out soon.

May 2022 - Group trip to Topgolf

We had a wonderful time hitting some "bombs" at Topgolf in Oberhausen. A thunderstorm passed by making presicion gameplay really challenging.