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Previous coworkers of the group follow diverse career paths. About 25% pursue an academic career, and about 75% enter the private sector (Pharma, Biotech, Consulting), with an emphasis on Research and Development.

Name Next Employer
Damian Schiller (PhD) Thermo Fisher Scientific
Tzu-Chen Lin (Postdoc) T-E Meds Pharma
Anne Jung (PhD) Caelo Pharma GmbH
Jan Wolffgramm (PhD) CureVac AG
Benjamin Buchmuller (PhD) Princeton University (Tom Muir Group)
Dr. Shubhendu Palei (Postdoc) ETH Zurich (Kathrin Lang group)
Álvaro Muñoz-López (PhD) Miltenyi Biotec
Anna Witte (Ph.D.) Takara Bio Europe
Gieß, Mario (Ph.D.) Simon-Kucher & Partners (Consulting)
Maurer, Sara (Ph.D.) TETEC Tissue Engineering Technologies AG
Rathi, Preeti (Ph.D.) Epigenomics AG
Flade, Sarah  (Ph.D.) Novartis
Kubik, Grzegorz (Ph.D.) California Institute of Technology (Frances H. Arnold Group)
Schmidt, Moritz J. (Ph.D.) Bayer Healthcare