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Physical Chemistry

Portrait Roland Winter
Prof. (i.R.) Dr. Roland Winter
“By using a variety of biophysical techniques, we investigate the structure and conformational dynamics of biological model systems, such as biomembranes, nucleic acids, proteins, and their interactions. Special emphasis is also placed on solvation science, high-pressure biophysics and astrobiology.”
Portrait Rasmus Linser
Prof. Dr. Rasmus Linser
“Using NMR spectroscopy in solution and in the solid state, our group elucidates the atom-resolved structure and dynamics of proteins. In particular, we seek new methodology for access to these questions, which are then applied to proteins of biological or pharmacological interest.”
Portrait Stefan M. Kast
Prof Dr. Stefan M. Kast
“Our group is engaged in theoretical models and computer simulations of systems in solution. Methodical developments for thermodynamics up to spectroscopy are combined with applications to small molecules and biomolecular structures.”
Portrait Claus Czeslik
apl. Prof. Dr. Claus Czeslik
“We are interested in the interaction of biomolecules and polymers with aqueous-solid interfaces. In these studies, parameters, such as temperature, pressure and composition of the solvent, are varied to control the properties of the interfacial films.”
Portrait Müge Kasanmascheff
Prof. Dr. Müge Kasanmascheff
“Kasanmascheff Lab is interested in exploring the in vitro and in vivo structure, function and dynamics of biomolecules that play key roles in fundamental biological processes such as biosynthesis of DNA building blocks, FeS proteins and higher-order DNA G-quadruplex structures. To reach our goal we employ multi-frequency EPR, dipolar and hyperfine spectroscopies, photochemistry, spin labeling and protein biochemistry.”