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General information

The degree program of Chemical Biology is strongly interdisciplinary and is offered with the participation of the neighboring Max Planck Institute for Molecular Physiology. In addition to the fundamentals of chemistry, extensive knowledge in biological disciplines is conveyed, which, together with in-depth practical training, is essential in the handling of chemical solids, liquids and gases, as well as in performing chemical experiments with biological compounds, microorganisms, phages and cells.

The german language Bachelor's degree program Chemische Biologie primarily provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills in chemistry, biochemistry, synthetic biology, molecular biology, and cell biology, as well as mathematics, statistics, and neighboring disciplines in natural sciences and engineering.

In the Master's degree program Chemical Biology, students can choose from various courses in medicinal chemistry, molecular cell biology, chemical biology, and chemistry, as well as various other natural science and non-scientific courses according to certain frameworks.

In order to prepare graduates for a professional career in an international environment, the courses in the master's degree program are mainly in English. Thus, the graduates of the Master's degree program Chemical Biology are well prepared to face the professional challenges in a constantly changing professional field and to contribute to the shaping of our living space as well as to sustainable progress.