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Organic Chemistry

Portrait Martin Hiersemann
Prof. Dr. Martin Hiersemann
“In the broadest sense, the research activities of my group revolve around the intentional breaking and making of bonds in molecules. We develop or utilize synthetic methods in order to manipulate the structure of molecules. Therewith, we aim to compose molecules of sophisticated architecture and with valuable properties or beneficial functions. ”
Portrait Norbert Krause
Prof. Dr. Norbert Krause
“The working group concentrates on the development of sustainable catalytic reactions in water and other environmentally benign solvents. To this end, we develop new water-soluble transition metal catalysts and optimize transformations of organic substrates in micellar nanoreactors.”
Portrait Ralf Weberskirch
Prof Dr. Ralf Weberskirch
“We are engaged in the production of functionalized polymers by applying living / controlled polymerization techniques. Our fields of interest are micellar catalysis, nanoparticle synthesis for medical applications and the production of synthetic hydrogels as a platform for 2D and 3D cell experiments.”
Portrait Max Hansmann
Prof. Dr. Max Martin Hansmann
“The Hansmann group is a synthetic organic group with overlap into the areas of main-group chemistry, spectroscopy, electro-chemistry and computational studies. Currently, we are interested in the synthesis of redox-active organic molecules and their application in photo-catalysis and redox-flow batteries. Furthermore, we are interested in unusual molecules such as strong carbon based donor ligands or unusual P-heterocycles.”
Symboldarstellung Mensch
apl. Prof. Dr. Alois Fürstner
“Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung”