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Research statement

Men-made molecules shape the foundation from which modern societies thrive. Hence, chemistry is an enabling science for technology-driven societies. Many methods for structural elaboration of molecules have been developed within the past century and before. However, effectiveness must be amalgamated with robustness, efficiency and generality. Because molecular structure defines molecular function, the current limitations of the chemical science constitute the current limits for technological development. The target-oriented structural manipulation of a molecule requires triggering and guiding of specific bond reorganization processes. In the most general sense, we seek to understand how and why bond reorganization at the molecular level occur. More specifically, our research objective is to develop know-how for the selective structural manipulation of molecules. Thus, our research activities aim to expand the synthetic methodology available for selective structural manipulation of molecules. Additionally, we are interested in the total synthesis of molecules adorned with intricate architectures that poses an intellectual challenge to our current state of knowledge. The total synthesis of structurally unprecedent molecules then requires developing, adopting or applying robust methods for selective bond reorganization at the molecular level.
Our team is comprised of highly specialized and enthusiastic young researchers which seek to thrive, as scientists and as professionals, by researching and teaching on an internationally competitive level. Our university and the department provide state-of-the-art facilities and support cutting-edge research in synthetic organic and applied computational organic chemistry.