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Training Laboratory

The TU Dortmund University has been training chemical laboratory assistants for more than 40 years. At present, we offer about ten applicants each year the opportunity to learn this very versatile profession.

After several months of joint basic training in the training laboratory, the trainees work in the research laboratories of various departments. In a team with young scientists they try to produce new substances or find better synthesis routes for known substances – a varied and guaranteed interesting job!

The training usually starts in August or September.


Information on the apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory technician

Fulltime Instructor: Kristian Surich

Requirements: Technical secondary school maturity
Interest in natural sciences
Duration of training: 3 ½ years
Reduction to 3 years possible
Training contents:

Analytical work, for example:
- Titrations
- Gravimetric
- Spectrometry
- Chromatography

Preparatory work, for example:
- Synthesis of inorganic substances
- Synthesis of organic substances
- Construction of reaction apparatuses
- Purity control of products

Microbiological work, for example:
- Detect micro-organisms in the environment
- Use vaccination and culture techniques

Perspectivs: Use of chemical laboratory assistants in many areas, e.g:
- Chemical Industries
- Pharmaceutical Research
- Chemical inspection offices