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The Hansmann group is a synthetic organic group with overlap into the areas of main-group chemistry, spectroscopy, electro-chemistry, supported by computational studies. Currently, we are interested in the synthesis of new redox-active organic molecules and their application in photo-catalysis and redox-flow batteries. Furthermore, we are interested in unusual molecules for example strong carbon based donor ligands, such as our recently discovered class of “mesoionic olefins”, unusual heterocycles such as azaphosphinines or strong multi-electron donor molecules. Furthermore, we are interested in the synthesis of new radicals and diradicaloids, study their electronic nature and explore their photo-physical properties for example in the field of singlet-fission (photo chemistry and calculations in joint work with the groups of Dirk Guldi and Dominik Munz at Saarbrücken/FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg).

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