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72. M. Blech, S. Hörer, A. B. Kuhn, S. Kube, H. Göddeke, H. Kiefer, Y. Zang, Y. Alber, S. M. Kast, M. Westermann, M. D. Tully, L. V. Schäfer, P. Garidel
Structure of a Therapeutic Full-Length anti-NPRA IgG4 Antibody: Dissecting Conformational Diversity
Biophys. J., in press (2019). [DOI]
71. N. Tielker, L. Eberlein, C. Chodun, S. Güssregen, S. M. Kast
pKa Calculations for Tautomerizable and Conformationally Flexible Molecules: Partition Function vs. State Transition Approach
J. Mol. Model. 25, 139 (2019). [DOI] [View only]
70. J. Fassunke, F. Müller, M. Keul, S. Michels, M. A. Dammert, A. Schmitt, D. Plenker, J. Lategahn, C. Heydt, J. Brägelmann, H. L. Tumbrink, Y. Alber, S. Klein, A. Heimsoeth, I. Dahmen, R. N. Fischer, M. Scheffler, M. A. Ihle, V. Priesner, A. H. Scheel, S. Wagener, A. Kron, K. Frank, K. Garbert, T. Persigehl, M. Püsken, S. Haneder, B. Schaaf, E. Rodermann, W. Engel-Riedel, E. Felip, E. F. Smit, S. Merkelbach-Bruse, H. C. Reinhardt, S. M. Kast, J. Wolf, D. Rauh, R. Büttner, M. L. Sos
Overcoming EGFRG724S-Mediated Osimertinib Resistance Through Unique Binding Characteristics of Second-Generation EGFR Inhibitors
Nature Comm. 32, 9, 4655 (2018). [DOI]
69. N. Tielker, L. Eberlein, S. Güssregen, S. M. Kast
The SAMPL6 Challenge on Predicting Aqueous pKa Values from EC-RISM Theory
J. Comput.-Aided Mol. Des. 32, 1151-1163 (2018). [DOI] [View only]
68. R. A. X. Persson, V. Pattni, A. Singh, S. M. Kast, M. Heyden
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J. Chem. Theory Comput. 13, 4467-4481 (2017). [DOI]
67. H. B. Thomas, M. Hennemann, P. Kibies, F. Hoffgaard, S. Güssregen, G. Hessler, S. M. Kast, T. Clark
The hpCADD NDDO Hamiltonian: Parametrization
J. Chem. Inf. Model. 57, 1907-1922 (2017). [DOI]
66. S. Güssregen, H. Matter, G. Hessler, E. Lionta, J. Heil, S. M. Kast
Thermodynamic Characterization of Hydration Sites from Integral Equation-Derived Free Energy Densities: Application to Protein Binding Sites and Ligand Series
J. Chem. Inf. Model. 57, 1652-1666 (2017). [DOI] [Cover Image]
65. D. Plenker, M. Riedel, J. Brägelmann, M. A. Dammert, R. Chauhan, P. P. Knowles, C. Lorenz, M. Keul, M. Bührmann, O. Pagel, V. Tischler, A. H. Scheel, D. Schütte, Y. Song, J. Stark, F. Mrugalla, Y. Alber, A. Richters, J. Engel, F. Leenders, J. M. Heuckmann, J. Wolf, J. Diebold, G. Pall, M. Peifer, M. Aerts, K. Gevaert, R. Zahedi, R. Buettner, K. M. Shokat, N. Q. McDonald, S. M. Kast, O. Gautschi, R. K. Thomas, M. L. Sos
Drugging the Catalytically Inactive State of RET Kinase in RET-Rearranged Tumors
Sci. Transl. Med. 9(394) (2017). [Link] [DOI]
64. O. Rauh, M. Urban, L. M. Henkes, T. Winterstein, T. Greiner, J. L. Van Etten, A. Moroni, S. M. Kast, G. Thiel, I. Schröder
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J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139, 7494–7503 (2017). [DOI]
63. D. Baumeister, B. Hertel, I. Schröder, S. Gazzarrini, S. M. Kast, J. L. Van Etten, A. Moroni, G. Thiel
Conversion of an Instantaneous Activating K+ Channel into a Slow Activating Inward Rectifier
FEBS Lett. 591, 295-303 (2017). [DOI]
62. N. Tielker, D. Tomazic, J. Heil, T. Kloss, S. Ehrhart, S. Güssregen, K. F. Schmidt, S. M. Kast
The SAMPL5 Challenge for Embedded-Cluster Integral Equation Theory: Solvation Free Energies, Aqueous pKa, and Cyclohexane–Water log D
J. Comput.-Aided Mol. Des. 30, 1035-1044 (2016). [DOI] [View Only]
61. S. Imoto, P. Kibies, C. Rosin, R. Winter, S. M. Kast, D. Marx
Toward Extreme Biophysics: Deciphering the Infrared Response of Biomolecular Solutions at High Pressures
Angew. Chemie Int. Ed. 55, 9534–9538 (2016). [press release (RUB)] [Pressemitteilung (TUDo/UA Ruhr)] [DOI]
60. F. Mrugalla, S. M. Kast
Designing Molecular Complexes by Free Energy Derivatives from Liquid State Integral Equation Theory
J. Phys.: Cond. Matter 28, 344004 (2016). [Link] [DOI]
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The Chemical Shift Baseline for High-Pressure NMR Spectra of Proteins
Angew. Chemie Int. Ed. 55, 8757–8760 (2016); [DOI]
Die Basislinie der chemischen Verschiebung in Hochdruck-NMR-Spektren von Proteinen
Angew. Chemie 128, 8900–8904 (2016). [DOI]
58. R. Frach, J. Heil, S. M. Kast
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Molec. Phys. 114, 2461-2476 (2016). [DOI]
57. C. Hölzl, P. Kibies, S. Imoto, R. Frach, S. Suladze, R. Winter, D. Marx, D. Horinek, S. M. Kast
Design Principles for High–Pressure Force Fields: Aqueous TMAO Solutions from Ambient to Kilobar Pressures
J. Chem. Phys. 144, 144104 (2016), JCP editors' choice 2016. [Link] [DOI] [Cover Image]
56. F. Hoffgaard, S. M. Kast, A. Moroni, G. Thiel, K. Hamacher
Tectonics of a K+ Channel: The Importance of the N-Terminus for Channel Gating
BBA Biomembranes 1848, 3197-3204 (2015). [DOI]
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Bridge function of the Repulsive Weeks–Chandler–Andersen (WCA) Fluid
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Relevance of Lysine Snorkeling in the Outer Transmembrane Domain of Small Viral Potassium Ion Channels
Biochemistry 51, 5571–5579 (2012). [DOI]
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