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Curriculum Vitae


Since 01.09.2018 Professor (W3) for Inorganic Chemistry (TU-Dortmund)
10/2017   Appointment as Lecturer (Privatdozent)
09/2017   Habilitation, Venia Legendi (Dr. habil.)
09/2015 Positive Mid Term Evaluation
10/2013  Appointment as Emil-Fischer-Fellow (Status Juniorprofessor)
seit 04/2013 Start of Habilitation Work (Univ. Würzburg)
07/2011 Appointment as Akademischer Rat
07/2010-06/2011  Start of independent work at WWU Münster with Prof. Luisa De Cola
02/2010-05/2010 Research stay at CNRS Rennes (France) with Prof. Dr. A. Boucekkine and Prof. Dr. J.-F. Halet
„DFT-/TD-DFT-Studies of Diethynylmetallacyclopentadienes“

Postdoc at Durham University (UK) with Prof. Dr. T. B. Marder and Prof. Dr. A. Beeby „Photophysics of Organic and Organometallic Compounds“

10/2007-12/2007 Postdoc with Prof. Dr. Thomas Braun (HU Berlin)

PhD studies with Prof. Dr. Thomas Braun (Universität Bielefeld/HU Berlin) „From bond activation to catalytic derivatization: transition metal mediated C-F bond cleavage as a key step“


Diploma thesis with Prof. Dr. Thomas Braun (Univ. Bielefeld) „Catalytic cross coupling of a fluorinated pyrimidine by C-F activation in the presence of a C-Cl bond“


Research stay at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada) with Prof. Dr. D. P. Gates „Metathesis reactions of vinyl functionalized borazines”

10/1998-02/2004 Undergraduate studies Chemistry and Biochemistry (Univ. Bielefeld)



Awards, Scholarships and Acknowledgements

2017 Award of the Keck-Köppe-Förderstiftung
2016 Award of the Dr. Otto Röhm Gedächtnisstiftung
2013 - 2017 Emil-Fischer-Fellow, JMU Würzburg
2011 - 2016 Habilitation grant of the DFG
2010 Reintegration grant of the DAAD
2009 - 2010 Marie-Curie-Research-Fellow of the European Union (FP7)
2008 - 2009 DAAD-Postdoc-Fellowship
2007 PhD with "Summa cum laude"
2000 - 2003 Student travel grants to visit the Bunsentagungen of the DBG




Since   04/2017 Steering Committee/Advisory Board SPP 2102 "Light controlled reactivity of metal complexes"
Since   11/2015 Deutscher Hochschulverband e.V.
Since   04/2004 Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker e.V. (GDCh)