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Supplementary material for some of our publications.



Supplementary Material

Pablo J. Sanz Miguel, Patrick Lax, Bernhard Lippert
J. Inorg. Biochem. 2006, 100, 980-991.
(Dien)MII (M=Pd, Pt) and (NH3)3PtII complexes of 1-methylcytosine: Linkage and rotational isomerism, metal-promoted deamination, and pathways to dinuclear species.
Packing descriptions of 1 and 2; view of cations of 1, 2, and 3; pD-dependent 1H NMR spectra; and graphic representation of ln(3) vs. time
1 ZIP file (831 kB)
Patrick Lax
Perl script for extraction of geometrical parameters from Gaussian output files
Script and readme files
1 ZIP file (58 kB)
Pablo J. Sanz Miguel, Patrick Lax, Michael Willermann, Bernhard Lippert
Inorg. Chim. Acta 2004, 357, 4552-4561.
Coexistence of major and minor tautomers of 1-methylcytosine (1-MeC) in a single metal complex, trans-Pt(1-MeC-N3)(1-MeC-N4)X2 (X = Cl, I). Metal migration N3 -> N4 at acidic pH
xyz files and graphic representations of calculated molecules
1 ZIP file (718 kB)