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Tasks & Prospects

 As a natural science, chemistry deals with properties and conversions of substances and is continuously evolving into a natural science cross sectional subject with far-reaching applications and interdisciplinary findings.


After graduating the chemistry students can take up this challenge and be involved in the shaping of our lebensraum and our environment as well as in the lasting future-oriented progress.


Chemistry is essential for the progress in different areas – in environmentalism, in traffic, in information and computer technique and in medicine.


In the future chemical research is also going to be absolutely essential for the society to find economic and ecologically adequate solutions for the manifold questions at the beginning of the 21st century. The development of materials with defined qualities and of active agents with a specific effect profile is going to be one of the priorities.


Due to the limited reserves new energy sources are still to be exploited and the raw material reserves to be stretched by means of recycling. The integrated environmentalism additionally requires the development of environmentally safe products, the consequent conversion of production processes and their control by reliable and sensitive methods of analysis.


Chemical knowledge and practical experiences are going to be absolutely necessary for dealing with substances, their refinement, use, processing and recycling.


In Dortmund chemistry is oriented towards the various tasks of chemists: On the one hand theoretical knowledge and practical abilities are imparted in the basic subjects of chemistry as well as in the related natural and engineering sciences. And on the other hand the concentration on technical chemistry as well as on bio chemistry, environmental analysis and business economics/technique is allowed.